A Place to Practice

My modest sewing corner.
My modest sewing corner.

As I was leaving my last free-motion class, a fellow student commented to me that she found it hard to find 10 minutes a day to practice. Now, I’m so excited about the process that I could hardly relate, until I realized that it is much different if you have to drag all of your supplies out each time you work. It was just this year that I created a space in the corner of my basement. I had a craft spot there since moving in, but only used it for really messy projects because the basement is an unappealing storage space. Having a quilting and sewing spot is entirely different, however. Once facing a blank wall with the fabric surrounding me and my project before me, I am lost in my own world. And the big difference is that I can now work for short periods that I wouldn’t have considered if I had to set everything up.

Now I just need to work on that blank wall. I have some ideas perking.


4 thoughts on “A Place to Practice

    1. You’re right…I needed to be reminded. It is still blank, even though many other projects have been completed! Part of the problem is the cement wall. I don’t want to drill into it so need to research other options. It would be a great place for a design wall. Any thoughts?

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      1. Well I have a bathroom w a pocket door and can’t drill into that wall. I hung a bar from the ceiling right near the wall. Put a sleeve on the quilt and hung it that way. Or maybe you could try command strips. They have ones that can hold up to 30 or 40 lbs. and the come off even two or three years later.

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